Soweto Kinch jazzes it up for Masiela Trust Fund

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The Botswana Gazette

Soweto Kinch jazzes it up for Masiela Trust Fund

THURSDAY, 21 APRIL 2011 15:20

This weekend, at the Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel and Resort, a group of performers put on a show to raise funds for the Masiela Trust Fund. The initiative was organised by Cross Border Projects, who, in the spirit of exchange and charity, invited saxophonist and emcee, Soweto Kinch to perform with local artists.

The show was part of the Maitisong Festival, and was divided between inside and outside performance areas. Upon their arrival, guests were presented with a complimentary glass of champagne, (or juice), and ushered out onto the veranda.

Mophato Dance Theatre performed first, wowing the audience with a tightly choreographed sequence.Rap artist Khwezi performed with lyrical aptitude and the MaruaPula marimba band played a selection of original songs composed by Mr Mlhanga.

Just as the MAP band finished their set, the sky opened up, and it began to pour rain. Dinner was served by way of a buffet, and a little later, guests were ushered into the conference centre to watch the main event.

Tj Dema recited a poem about the trials and experiences of Africa and her different peoples. Her second piece was a collaboration with Tracy Bortsie, who accompanied her on the saxophone.

Shanti Lo performed next. He had his usual command of the stage; he was enigmatic and performed songs from his newest offering, Lerato. When the pull of the music was too much to resist, the audience stood and danced. Local emcee K-Bos was on stage next, and his breath control was formidable as he progressed through his set, which incorporated performances from traditional and contemporary dancers.

After a short intermission, Soweto Kinch and his band set up for their session. “What’s up, Botswana, what a pleasure it is to be here,” he said, before launching into a soulful solo on his as yet unnamed saxophone. His performance consisted mainly of songs from his most recent studio album, The New Emancipation. His band complemented him well, he held down a mean solo that had the crowd whooping with delight. He ended his set with a freestyle, asking the audience to come up with words beginning with the letters in the name ‘Masiela’.

Thola Magang of Phakalane Golf Estate said, “Projects such as these are great on so many levels; not only do you have great entertainment, in terms of artists who have been brought over to support a cause, but because of the social responsibility aspect of it. The slogan of Phakalane is ‘Live, Work, Play’ therefore on so many levels, the synergy was there. And  it made sense for us to want to be part of something like this.”

Other sponsors and partnerships included Woolworths, 8ties baby Photography, MTV Africa and Podtape.


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Mafia Soul in-store with Soweto Kinch

April 19, 2011 | In Artists, Diary, Music, Video's

Before Soweto Kinch arrived in Gaborone, I made a trip to Mafia Soul. At Mafia Soul, walked into clothing store and saw a sole dude geared up in a rap outfit, with a chain to match. Approached and asked him, “where’s Molf?” after head nods of acknowledgement, body language implying our colloquial greeting term ‘Dumela’, or rather ‘yo, whatitdo’!


Him being the only soldier boy standing at attention in the store, I figured he’s in charge. An eye scout around the dope perimeters, glancing at what resembled a rapper’s wet dream of a walk-in wardrobe. No sight of any other being embodying the image of hip hop with authority, no sign of Molf.


“I’ll check next door…” literally meaning I will check next door, I did just that. Mafia Soul has two stores at Riverwalk. One is more of a clothing section, and the one next to it is more of a sneaker shop. Prince is in the building, also known as ‘Fresh Prince’, I tend to call him ‘P’.


There’s this word I dislike hearing and associating with hip hop, but fail to come up with something synonymous to the phrase… Anyway, enter the Mafia Soul kicks department and I swear a smell of swagger is in the air. I was in a rap video, no camera.


Broke it down with Prince, talked the talk on Cross Border Projects having Soweto Kinch in the Mafia Soul building for an in store performance.






My people call your people so we can be people, on paper. Got it, get it in writing and we’re good!

Mafia Soul sole mates

Soweto Kinch enters Mafia Soul

After Soweto Kinch arrived at Riverwalk, we made our way to Mafia Soul. Introductions were made, on my part it was more to emphasise the notion, it is really happening. A travel around the one room store took place, Prince being the tour guide, Soweto the sneaker and accessories site seer.


TJ Dema and Khwezi also arrived at the Mafia Soul store, two artists amongst the few from Botswana to perform with Soweto at the Maitisong Festival. Lapologa Magazine was represented by Ngozi Chukura and photographer Katman Morapedi. Further introductions, after which followed instrumentals pulsating through a speaker box, cipher was to be in session.


Without delay, Soweto got straight to rapping freestyle rhymes, as though he couldn’t wait to show and prove already. Saturday 16th of April seems too far to get on stage, and this moment seemed too good to miss. He went on and on, and to my satisfaction I acknowledged there’s more to the artist than the limited dope footage I’ve seen on youtube. Add to that, this was live.


Requests came in from the crowd of media and onlookers, to which Khwezi responded by rapping next. The cipher kept going back and forth between the two, which was more like Soweto and Khwezi getting to know each other better in their own field of rap.

Soweto Kinch in-store freestyle at Mafia Soul

Interviews were carried out after the cipher, with each of the artists being profiled. TJ Dema recited a poem and then it was time to close shop. Mafia Soul presented Soweto with some of their merchandise as a gift.


DAY 2: Soweto in Gaborone

April 15, 2011 | In Diary, News


Soweto’s second day in Gaborone began with the highly coveted workshop for the Maru-a-Pula school kids which involved a discussion on his background, a performance on his alto-sax and a Q&A. The Arts students where also given the opportunity to participate in performance and confidence building exercises.

The afternoon saw him do an impromptu freestyle at the BW store while on his tour of Gaborone.

His tour with a trip to Masiela shelter in Old Naledi where he gave thanks to the hard work of the Masiela Fund workers.


Please donate now to help this hugely important cause and don’t forget to to follow cbprojects on twitter for more updates.

Soweto Kinch lands in Botswana

April 14, 2011 | In Diary, News

After a quick dash to Phakalane Villas, Soweto Kinch headed over to GABZ FM for an interview with Simba and then on to Mafia Soul. Today you can catch him cruising around Gaborone as he tours the different areas. Remember to follow cbprojects on twitter for up to the minute updates.


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